A/S Trigon Agri: Resolutions adopted at the Annual General Meeting

Copenhagen, 28 April, 2011

The Annual General Meeting of Trigon Agri A/S was held today on 28 April 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark with the following results:

1. The board of directors’ report on the activities of the Company during the past financial year was adopted.

2. The audited annual report for the period from 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2010 was adopted.

3. The proposed remuneration for the board of directors for the financial year 2011 was adopted.

4. The General Meeting adopted a resolution to release the board of directors and the management board from liability in respect of item 2 of the agenda.

5. The proposal from the board of directors to carry forward the result of the year to the next financial year was adopted.

6. Joakim Johan Helenius, Pertti Oskari Laine, Ernst René Anselm Nyberg, Ilkka Salonen and Erkki Myllärniemi were re-elected to the board of directors for a term of 1 (one) year.

7. PricewaterhouseCoopers Statsautoriseret Revisionsaktieselskab, Strandvejen 44, 2900 Hellerup, were re-elected as auditors of the Company.

8. The General Meeting adopted the board of directors’ proposal to amend the Articles of Association in accordance with the draft new Articles of Association as well as the comparison version between the existing Articles of Association and the proposed new Articles of Association both enclosed with the notice to convene the Annual General Meeting. The amendments to the Articles of Association were primarly technical.

Annual General Meeting Minutes

Articles of Association


Investor enquiries:
Mr. Ülo Adamson, President of Trigon Agri A/S
Tel: +372 66 79200
E-mail: mail@trigonagri.com


About Trigon Agri
Trigon Agri is a leading integrated soft commodities production, storage and trading company with operations in Ukraine, Russia and Estonia. Trigon Agri’s shares are traded on the main market of NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. Trigon Agri is managed under a management agreement by Trigon Capital, a leading Central and Eastern European operational management firm with around USD 1 billion of assets under management.

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