Corporate Governance


Agromino A/S applies the recommendations issued by the Committee on Corporate Governance  (the “Code”, latest version of which is available at

The principles of corporate governance in Agromino are described below and governed by the Articles of Association, applicable laws, the Code, Rules of Procedure for both of the Boards, exchange requirements and market practice. Specific reference is made to any areas in which Agromino deviates from the Code, as is required by the ‘comply or explain’ principle in the Code.

It is Agromino’s declared intention to secure that the standards and principles of good corporate governance will be adhered to at all times.

The governance of Agromino is attended to by:

  • The General Meeting of Shareholders
  • The Board of Directors
  • The Executive Board

General Meeting

The General Meeting of Shareholders has supreme authority in all matters and things pertaining to the Company subject to the limits set by statute and by the Articles of Association. Any share carries one vote in the General Meeting of Shareholders. The members of the Board of Directors and the auditor are elected by the General Meeting of Shareholders.