Agromino helps to export wheat from Kharkiv region

Agromino Group exported 55 trains of wheat and other grains (commodities) from Kharkiv region to the European Union during the second half of 2022. Further trains were transported to Ukrainian ports.

Agromino farms production accounted for 60 % of the mentioned trains and 40 % of this volume was purchased from non-group Kharkiv farms. Thus, Agromino contributed in alleviation of the effects of the sharp drop in grain prices in the Kharkiv region, which is extremely affected by the war and its peripheral location within Ukraine. Transportation costs from Kharkiv are among the highest in Ukraine reaching up to half of the wheat or corn sale price.

In the past, Agromino used to trade only its own production. Purchases from other farmers were introduced on mounting requests during summer 2022 and helped to saturate at least to small extent the cash flows of local farmers.

Agromino operates 42 th. hectares in Ukraine, including Kharkiv region, where it operates 2 elevators. Part of the fields of Agromino were occupied since February 2022 till mid September 2022. Currently none of the fields of Agromino are occupied and Agromino already started operations on deoccupied lands in eastern Kharkiv since October 2022


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